Fatuma Farah Adan Sworn In As Jubbaland Mp In A Seat Previously Entangled In Clan Dispute

Ismaaciil Cali Cabdi ayaa qaday sawirkaan.

Fatuma Farah Adan (Fatuma nine) has today been sworn in as a Member of Parliament in the Jubbaland state.

Fatuma Farah Adan’s Parliamentary seat in Parliament has been vacant for a year owing to a dispute and in-fighting that arose between the clans that seat belongs to in the Jubbaland regional state of Somalia.

The Jubbaland second Parliament member said the previously vacant MP seat was shrouded in a dispute but due intensive resolution by the warring factions of the clan, the dispute is now over.

“The seat was initially at the centre of clan factions dispute and wrangling but we can sigh a relief now following in-house resolutions reached on the matter and work begins now for me as the sworn in Member of Parliament for the seat”, Said Fatuma Farax Aden.

The Jubbaland Parliament is now on recess and is expected to resume its sitting in two months time.