Federal Troops Stationed In Gedo Region Should Be Removed, Says Jubbaland Military Advisor


Jubbaland Presidential adviser on military operations Yusuf Hassan Hussein (Dhumal) said the security situation in the Gedo region is in dire state and the armed forces of the federal government in the deployed region are putting the region’s security in jeopardy.


General Dhumal urged somali leaders, the federal government and the National Security Council that the federal troops be moved from the embattled Gedo region and be deployed in other areas to avoid a war between the forces of the Jubbaland State adding that the hostility between the two troops will give the Al-Shabaab a clear a free pass.


“The region should be not be a war zone for both the Federal and the Jubbaland troops as witnessed. This is not practical and an immediate solution needs to reached in this region”, reiterated Dhumaal.


The Federal Government of Somalia has intervened in the Gedo region which is under the control of the Jubbaland state and in recent days seen insecurity following the troops dispute.