Somalia Education Minister Orders Expulsion Of The Care Somalia Country Director


The Somali government Ministry of Education and Higher learning has ordered the expulsion of the head of CARE Somalia in South Central Somalia, Iman Abdulkadir.

A letter from the Somali Federal Government Ministry of education office said that the ministry has decided to expel the CARE Somalia country Director after a lack of cooperation and insubordination with the Ministry of Education.

The statement partly read that the CARE Somalia Country Director blatantly disregarded the Somali government policies and procedures, undermining government processes and meddling in politics.

The statement further says the CARE Somalia Country Director created unnecessary tensions among the federal member States and the Federal government of Somalia.

The Somali Education minister Abdullahi Godax Barre said he made several attempts to salvage the worsening relationship with the CARE Somalia under the Country Director’s leadership but this could not yield any positive outcome.

Government agencies have been subsequently ordered to carry out the expulsion order of Iman Abdulkadir, the CARE Somalia Country Head.

The CARE Somalia works closely with the Somali Ministry of Education in the field of education.