Senator Fartag Says The Somali Federal Government Is To Blame For Gedo Region’s Troubles


Senator Abdullahi Ismail Fartag, a member of the upper house of parliament, said that Gedo region, one of the largest regions in Somalia, has been plagued by various problems emanating from the Federal Government of Somalia petty politics.

Senator Fartag said that the increased insecurity in Gedo region is part of the Somali government forces deployed in the region.

He added that in recent weeks, some districts in Gedo region have been attacked by Al-Shabaab which he said is due to the Somali government politicizing the security situation in Gedo region.

The Senator said the Somali Federal government is playing petty politics with the region’s security and the federal troops stationed in the Gedo region is largely to blame for the laxity and security lapses.