Qatar Embassy in Mogadishu to Export Wild Animals from Somalia


Mogadishu (Horn Observer) Somalia Qatar Embassy in Mogadishu has been given permission to export 14 dik-diks to Qatar, Somali government said, in what many viewed the process “illegal and corrupt.”

In a letter issued by Director General of the Ministry of Livestock, Forestry and Ranged permits the Qatar embassy to export 14 dik-diks from Mogadishu airport.
“Ministry of Livestock, Forestry & Range hereby declares that it has permitted to Qatar Embassy to export 14 wild animals, namely dik-diks from the country.” The letter which was signed by the director general of the ministry said.
Many analystics and legal export contend the move saying that, the ministry has no legal right to write such document that allows the export of wild animals.
“Only head of the state can approve or permit when he is sending a gift to another head of state, but not the ministry” Abdullahi Mohamed, a law student in Mogadishu said.
Qatar is a close ally to president Farmaajo’s administration, though Somalia repeatedly said it would remain neutral on the crisis. Qatar currently implementing two major road construction projects in Somalia, while it also trains Somali army in Qatar.
Source – Horn Observer –