U.S. Supreme Court to investigate Trump’s finances


The US Supreme Court has allowed the prosecution in New York to give financial details of the former president of the United States Donald Trump, particularly with regard to tax records.

In an investigation into Trump’s finances, New York prosecutors said they would look into alleged financial crimes, and the Supreme Court’s decision would be a major disappointment for the former president, who has long refused to be allowed to enter income and tax returns.

The judges, who did not provide further details on the case, rejected Trump’s request to suspend the lower court ruling on Oct. 7 that the businessman became a Republican politician to transfer all information about his accounts to the Manhattan District Court in New York.

“Work on the Trump investigation continues,” said a statement from New York Attorney General Cyrus Vance’s office.

Donald Trump has issued a statement describing Vance’s investigation as the worst political poaching in the country’s history – and he has accused New York Democrats of using their power to undermine rival politics.

Donald Trump’s Mazars accounting and financial management company also ordered the decision to work with New York prosecutors, and a spokesman for the company said it was committed to fulfilling its legal obligations.

Former United States President Trump has named three of the nine attorneys for the Supreme Court, six of whom are Republicans, and the court has ruled that the former president is refusing investigation.