Puntland’s Deni lashes out at outgoing Somali President over alleged failure solve Garbaharey matter



Puntland regional state of Somalia President Saciid Abdullahi Deni held a press conference in Garowe last night to discuss the political situation in the country and made various allegations against the outgoing Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

Saciid Deni blamed Farmajo for all the delays and conflicts that bedevils the Somalia elections.

The Puntland state President also said that Farmajo had informed his clan that he will not allow the transfer of Gedo region to Jubbaland regional state administration which previously governed the Gedo region.

The President of Puntland also expressed surprise that President Farmajo, who has not been able to find a solution in Garbaharey, in Gedo region is busy out there to pursue other self-interest matters in Somalia.