Somali government says foreign interference in elections is an affront to the country’s sovereignty



The Federal Government of Somalia has expressed concern over the recent spate of deadly violence in Mogadishu.

A statement from the Somali Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it was aware of the international community’s concerns over Somalia’s disputed elections.

“The Federal Government of Somalia welcomes the concerns expressed by our fraternal nations and organizations, which have issued statements on the current political stalemate in the conduct of the elections in line with the position of the Federal Government of Somalia.” Ministry statement said.

The statement also said that the Federal Government was ready to resolve the remaining issues of the September 17 political agreement and resolve all issues peacefully through dialogue.

“In pursuit of the process of strengthening democratization, the Federal Government of Somalia has embarked on an electoral policy that will enable the Somali people to vote for both their representatives in parliament and the President”.

The statement further reads, “However, a historic one-person, one-vote election did not win the rejection of some heads of state in the Federal Member States. In the interest of reaching an agreement, the Federal Government of Somalia accepted a proposal by the leaders of the Federal Member States on 17 September to hold elections. The interest of the Federal Government of Somalia remains to hold elections based on consensus, inclusiveness, and transparency”.

Somali Foreign Ministry also said that an election agreement with the government is ready to address the concerns, but the impact of external forces are still an obstacle to the completion of an agreement to pave the way for elections.

“Unfortunately, the day before the proposed meeting between the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia and the Heads of the Member States of the Federal Republic of Somalia in support of the technical agreement, the presidential candidates have chosen to circumvent the process in a legal manner”, A statement from the Somali government reads in part. Finally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somalia said that the conference called by the outgoing  Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo was accepted by the presidents of three regional administrations while two others are still absent from Mogadishu, and called on them to attend the conference. Reports indicate that the Somali Minister of Information Osman Auukar Dubbe will address the media today on issues related to the government’s accusations against some foreign countries meddling in the country’s internal political affairs.