South Africa suspends coronavirus vaccine

Volunteer Thabisle Khlatshwayo, who received her first shot for a COVID-19 vaccine trial, gives a blood sample before receiving her second shot at a vaccine trial facility set at Soweto's Chris Sani Baragwanath Hospital outside Johannesburg, South Africa, Monday Nov. 30, 2020. Over 2000 South African volunteers are on AstraZeneca's experimental coronavirus vaccine trial. (AP Photo/Jerome Delay)

The South African government has suspended the launch of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine after a study showed “disappointing” results for a new generation of coronavirus.

Scientists say the new strain of corona virus is now 90% in the country.The study, which involved 2,000 people, found that the vaccine was “less protective than the new corona virus.”

1 million AstraZeneca vaccines have been delivered to South Africa and are expected to begin next week.

South African Health Minister Zweli Mkhize told a news conference that the government was awaiting further recommendations on how to proceed with the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine in light of the findings of the study.