PM Roble holds talks with traditional elders and youth in Galkayo



Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble met with traditional elders and youth in Galkayo for peace and social integration and called for strengthening peace and unity among the people of the Mudug region.

A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office thanked the traditional elders and youth for the role played in the security and development of the region, urging them to strengthen their role.

Mr. Roble stressed that peace is the foundation of development and needs to be maintained at all times. He added that the elders and the young have a duty to protect the peace and prevent the enemy from succeeding in creating animosity and divisions.

The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble also paid a courtesy call on the residence of Islan Bashir Islan Abdulle Islan Farah, one of the leaders of the Mudug region.